Night Guards

Night guards protect teeth clenching and grinding that is usually an involuntary behavior. Many patients suffer from bruxism or teeth clench/grinding but are unaware. This is due in part because bruxism usually occurs while patients sleep. So, unless they experience morning headaches, jaw, or teeth pain they may not know of the condition. Fortunately, dental exams help confirm if a patient is suffering by evaluating the teeth. Patients with bruxism will show signs of worn teeth. Left untreated, the teeth can get severely damaged. Night guards are custom-made mouth pieces that are worn during bedtime. In rare cases, patients may need to wear them all day as well. We highly recommend using night guards if you suffer from bruxism. Contact our dental office to schedule a dental exam and consultation. We would be delighted to assist.

What are the symptoms of bruxism?

Flattened, damaged, chipped, or loose teeth
Tooth pain
Tooth sensitivity
Uncomfortable jaw movement
Jaw, ear, neck pain
Inner cheek damage

Will I need guards for both my top and lower jaws?

Patients only need guards for the top or bottom. Depending on your dental exam and consultation, we will discuss what option is best.

What are the benefits?

Night guards protect you from:

Tooth damage
Tooth loss
Jaw, ear, and neck pain

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