Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin laminates that are placed in front of a tooth to correct discoloration, gaps, and teeth shape. Veneers are offered in porcelain and composite-resin material. Porcelain is the ideal choice due to the most natural appearance and longevity. While, composite-resin is less expensive and is easy to repair, if needed. In all, dental veneers are a great option for patients concerned with their smile.

Who could benefit from dental veneers?

Patients who have the following may want to consider dental veneers.

Stubborn tooth discoloration
Chipped/cracked teeth
Crooked teeth
Misshapen teeth
Severely worn teeth

Why should I consider porcelain over composite-resin?

Although composite-resin is more economical, porcelain offers more advantages. Porcelain veneers appear more natural and resist stains better. For example, patients that enjoy coffee and red wine may consider porcelain to avoid staining their veneers.

What is the procedure?

Dental veneers usually require two visits. The first visit involves discussing your unique procedure and determining the end result. Dental X-rays and mouth impressions are typically included. Next, we will remove about ½ millimeter of tooth enamel to make space for the veneer. We then create a model of your new tooth and it is sent to a laboratory that creates the veneer. This process can take up to 4 weeks but you will be given a temporary veneer in the meantime.

Once the permanent veneer is ready, your tooth is cleaned and etched. We then use cement to adhere the veneer onto your tooth. Next, the cement is hardened with a special light. And lastly, we examine the new veneer and assure your bite is correct. A follow-up visit may be required to evaluate your gum health and the dental veneer.

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