Dental emergency

A dental emergency can include tooth damage or pain. It should be treated right away as the issue could be a sign of a greater situation. Please contact us if you are experiencing any of the following:

Tooth or gum pain
Abscessed tooth
Avulsed tooth
Tooth fracture
Damaged filling
Damaged or loose dental crown

Tooth or Gum Pain – This discomfort could be a sign of an infected tooth due to severe decay or trauma. Contact us right away.

Abscessed Tooth – If you notice an abscess near your tooth, this could be a sign of an infection. Contact us right away to determine if an infection is present. If so, a root canal treatment will be needed to save the tooth.

Avulsed Tooth – An avulsed tooth is also known as a “knocked out’’ tooth. This can occur with injury to the face or from biting too hard.

Tooth Fracture – A tooth can become damaged from biting too hard or from injury. Please contact us if you notice damage. Left untreated, the tooth can become infected and lead to more complications.

Damaged Filling – Fillings are sturdy and meant to withstand normal chewing and biting. However, if you notice a damaged filling, contact us right away. A damaged filling exposes the tooth to infection and can lead to more complications.

Damaged or Loose Dental Crown – Dental crowns are sturdy but can suffer damage if not properly cared for. A damaged or loose crown is an emergency that needs to be treated promptly. Contact our office soon.

A dental emergency in Millis MA should be treated with urgency. Your oral health is important to us. Please do not hesitate to contact us today. Call (508) 376-8996. We are conveniently located at 840 Main St. Ste 112 Millis, MA 02054,

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